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  page New Loan Application
    At Prestige Financial’s, you can get an auto loan approval by filling out our 60-second online credit application. Whether you have great credit or are after the best interest rates on a bankruptcy car loan, the process is fast and easy. Plus, LoanZone also gives you lots of free tips and advice on how to improve or repair your credit score rating and save money.
  page Make Express Payment
    Our Express Payment service is the fastest way to make your payment on time and keep your loan in good standing, which is an important way to improve your credit score. It’s easy to use and requires no account login.
  page Auto Dealers
    Car dealerships can visit for more information about Prestige Financial’s industry-leading lending programs. LeadZone allows new car dealerships who already do business with Prestige to manage their leads and to submit and monitor Prestige applications.
  page About Us
    Since 1994, Prestige has been helping car dealers around the country to get easy auto financing for their customers, whether they be buyers with great credit, buyers who needed a bankruptcy auto loan, or buyers who needed a simple bad credit auto loan.
  page FAQ for Car Buyers
    Answers frequently asked questions about financing or buying a used car or new car, such as, “How does my credit rating affect my car financing options?” “How is Prestige Financial better than other companies that offer bad credit car loans?” “How can I be confident that I'm choosing the best lender?” and “I'm considering filing bankruptcy, or I just filed for bankruptcy. What are my chances of getting a bankruptcy car loan?”
  page Auto Credit Education
    Gives new car and used car buying tips plus advice on understanding a credit score, how credit works, and how to improve your credit rating. Also explains how to protect your credit and get a free credit report online, plus what to look for in getting the best car loan while in bankruptcy or after bankruptcy.
    Learn more about career opportunities with Prestige Financial.
  page Capital Markets
    Get information about Prestige’s recent transactions in the ABS market.
  page Vendors
    Frequently-used forms are posted here for Prestige’s vendors.
  page Newsroom
    Read the latest information about Prestige's business and its people.
  page Why is Safe
    The privacy and security of our customers’ information is a top priority for Prestige Financial, so the site is protected using the very latest data encryption technology. Visitors can use the site with complete peace of mind.
  page Go Green
    Prestige Financial is aware of its responsibility to help preserve natural treasures and resources for future generations of people, plants and animals. This page describes Prestige's efforts to Go Green, which include recycling, elimination of paper, and incentivizing customers to purchase fuel-efficient vehicles.


section CUSTOMER ACCOUNT (login required)
  page Main Page
    Prestige customers get a quick overview of their account, including information about their account balance, vehicle insurance, and payment due date.
  page Make Payment
    Customers are given a broad selection of payment options.
  page Insurance
    Maintaining qualifying vehicle insurance at all times is an important part of keeping a Prestige loan in good standing. Here, customers can confirm the details of the policies that they have in place, and update Prestige on any changes.
  page My Personal Info
    This lets Prestige customers keep their contact information updated for better security and communication.
  page Rate Reduction
    Many customers are eligible for Prestige Financial’s exclusive Rate Reduction Program, which drops their interest rate every few months as keep their accounts in good standing, helping them to save money and keep the best rate on their auto loans.
  page FAQ About My Account
    Answers customer questions such as, “How can I set up automatic payments?” “What is my loan balance?” and “How can I apply for another auto loan from Prestige Financial?”



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