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Wayne A. | Layton, UT | Customer Success Story | Wayne | Prestige Financial

I went with Prestige because I like that they have a lot of options and I could start putting my credit back together.

It’s my zen. I can’t think of a better way to say it. In autocross you’re not just racing against another car, it’s always just you. They tell you: “Always look ahead”. If you have a problem, you’re not looking far enough ahead. And there are those times where you are just one with it. You feel the car lean and take that corner. There’s no chirp. There’s no slide. And then you’re off to the next corner. It’s the best feeling ever. And as fleeting as they are you will race for those moments where it’s like this is it. I was lucky enough to be able to buy a car that I like and they saved me $170 a month—a good portion of that money is able to go into stuff for that car and to further my hobby. I called them actually to expect them to just say “no we can’t help you”. I think it was like a week later, I was refinanced. They allowed me to get my finances just a little bit closer to an order where I could look at the next turn.