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Vanessa M. | Garland, TX | Customer Success Story | Vanessa | Prestige Financial

I lost my job and they worked with me to no end. At a time of hardship in my life, Prestige stepped in and pulled me through.

What I’ve learned from teaching is how rewarding it can be in terms of watching your students grow, watching them continue to learn, watching them growing into human beings that we want to see them become. We’re there to do a job, and that job is to teach our young people what they need to know so they can go further. The hardest part about being a teacher for me is having to discipline. When you have like nineteen kids in one classroom and trying to deal with them all, it’s trying to know how to do that collectively and then on an individual basis as well. My very favorite part about working with Prestige was dealing with the customer service people. I had lost my job and had been out of work for almost five years and just called them on all the times that I was going to be late and them just working with me to no end, being kind and doing whatever they could is what led up to today. All I know is what Prestige did for me, and how grateful I am that they did because I know companies—they don’t have to be nice to you. They don’t have to be kind to you. At a time of hardship in my life, they stepped in and pulled me through.