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Heidi & Jesse J. | Grand Prairie, TX | Customer Success Story | Heidi & Jesse | Prestige Financial

The best part about Prestige has been their customer service. They care more about their customers than the money.

My name is Heidi Jackson and I am a nurse. My name is Jesse Jackson and I am a training coordinator. Three years ago we were looking for a vehicle. We found the vehicle that we wanted and it just happened to work out that the dealership used Prestige. The best part about working with Prestige has just been the customer service. Our account manager contacts us with a special little text message every month just reminding us hey your payment is coming up. One time he sent us a reminder text and everybody was sick in my family, I did not respond, and I got a text that said “Are you okay? I’m worried about you. I haven’t heard from you guys, are you guys okay?” I was like, wow! That’s amazing service! It seems like they care more about their customers than the money that they’re expecting.