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The 'Would You Rather' Game: Prestige Edition

September 14, 2018 • Jesse Herrin • Tags:

The “Would You Rather” game is posing a series of difficult/weird/crazy/(whatever adjective you can come up with) questions with only two choices that a person has to decide on.

I will be coming up with a few questions to ask some of the employees here at Prestige and transcribing their answers to each question.


Question 1:

Would you rather…


Have to stop every 15 minutes to fill up gas on an 8-hour road trip


Feel like you have to use the restroom the whole way to your destination?  

Fill up gas





Employee 1: Restroom the whole way. I’ve had it happen before and it’s a lot better than stopping every 15-minutes — that would NOT be fun.

Employee 2: [laughing] Yes, sir!

Employee 3: He’s got a point. Yeah, I’d pick the restroom.



Question 2:

Would you rather…


Have your car break down on a very fast, busy road


Have your car break down in the middle of nowhere?

Busy Road


Middle of nowhere 



Employee 3: Busy road because more people can help me.

Employee 2: Yeah, I’d definitely do the busy road.

Employee 1: Busy road.



Question 3:

Would you rather…


Always drive with noisy/whiny kids


Always be stuck in traffic when you drive?

Baby crying





Employee 3: Stuck in traffic.

Employee 1: Stuck in traffic

Employee 2: I’d take the noisy kids, man. I can tune out noisy kids, but I can’t tune out traffic for the life of me; I get so aggravated.

Employee 1: Well you haven’t had noisy kids yet… you’ll get there.

Employee 2: …for now. [Laughter]

Employee 3: I don’t have kids, but I just hate the sound of noisy kids

Employee 2: [joking] She just hates children...



Question 4:

Would you rather…


Have absolutely no air conditioning in your car


Have a car radio that ONLY plays Nickelback? (Cell phones or any other music playing technology is not compatible with the car)

No A/C





Narrator: Keep in mind, the car radio has no USB cable connector or Bluetooth connection, it’s just an old school radio.

Employee 1: Nickelback for sure!

Employee 2: Nickelback 100%

Employee 3: Nickelback because…A/C, man, it gets pretty hot.

Narrator: Well, what about the windows? You can just roll them down.

Employee 1: Well what’s wrong with Nickelback…?


Employee 2: I can listen to Nickelback; I don’t hate ‘em!

Employee 1: Yeah, I’m not one of those, they’re out there, those Nickelback haters.

Employee 2: Yeah, I can listen to them over and over. I’d go to their concert if I got a free ticket!



Question 5:

Would you rather…


Have an engine that sounds like Justin Bieber hitting a high note when you press on the gas


Have Old English lettering all over the exterior of your car spelling out “Git ‘er done!”?

Justin Bieber


Old English 



Employee 1: Git ‘er done!

Employee 2: Yeah, Git ‘er done.

Employee 3: Justin Bieber.

Narrator: So, every time you press the gas, it’s just his voice?

Employee 2: Pull up at a light… “Baby, baby, baby!!”


Employee 3: I’d still rather have the Bieber.


Give us some more ideas!

We hope you all enjoyed and were entertained by some of the interactions we had during this game.

Feel free to put your answers in by commenting on the link on FB or Twitter!